How often in life have you come across someone either close to you or a complete stranger who you may have met on a course who comes out with the phrase, “I cant do this”. “This is too difficult” “I don’t know how” “I don’t have the time”

It is human nature that when you either don’t want to do something, or you have a fear of doing something that you might fail at whilst trying, you will make an excuse to avoid having to do it. I recently went on a public speaking course because I felt it was time to face my fear of standing up in front of people to speak. I have had to do it throughout my life at various times and have never been good at it. I would become very nervous way before the event and then by the time the day arrived I was a nervous wreck. I would stand up and with all the courage I could muster I would bumble my way through the piece, not only disappointing myself but more importantly my audience.

So I arrived at the venue which was in Peterborough at the offices of Progressive Property on the Monday morning at 08.30 sharp for a 5 day intensive public speaking course. There were 22 other people in the room and every single person was as nervous as the other. There were people in the room who could not possibly imagine making a 2 minute speech on day 1 let alone a 29 minute speech on the Friday afternoon before finishing the course. We were very lucky in the first instance to have two brilliant instructors who had once been where we all were at that moment in time.

They warned that we would all feel out of our comfort zone at some point on the course and that we would also be emotionally challenged at some point to the extent we may feel like leaving early. They were there to help us and they promised that if we launched ourselves 100% into the program and overcame the obstacles, sharing with them and our fellow students our issues when they arose, we would succeed. Hmme.

Well I have always felt emotionally stoic and couldn’t see myself sharing like this but I took a deep breath and threw myself into the course 100% as asked. I got to know my fellow students and we laughed and shared the low points together over that week. Each day we faced new challenges and following a long day which ended at 6pm in the classroom we had homework to do which was part of the repetition process of learning the speaking format (which incidentally is the Pentagon system).

Every day we built upon the last in a methodical way adding a few more minutes to our talk . By Wednesday we were up almost 15 minutes. WOW!! There were tears and upset as people overcame their particular barriers. Three people wanted tom leave but were talked out of it by our wonderful instructors who made every individual feel special in their own way.

Finally we arrived in the training room for our final day where we had to give a 29 minute presentation to several of our colleagues. And you know what? OMG everyone did it. Not once but Twice and at 5 o’clock every single person on that course walked out of that room ten foot tall. It was truly inspirational and something that will stick with me for a very long time.

Now I want you to watch the video below of Nick Vujicic and then tell me you cant do something.

The Inspirational Nick Vujicic

What I am really getting at is that there will always be times when we feel we cant do something and sometimes no matter how scared we are or how much confidence we are lacking , we just need to knuckle down, realize that everyone has a day like this and that once we face our fears we will look back and be glad we met the challenge.

Remember setting up an online business doesn’t happen overnight. You need to retrain and learn………… but never give up!!

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