Making Money Through Affiliate Marketing

The story I hear all the time is that its hard to attain success through an online business and that it ends up as an all consuming waste of time. There are a ton of affiliate internet marketing guides on the market, but only a few really concentrate on how to get set up properly. As with all business set ups you need to stick to the plan and ensure that you have all of the component parts in place to get you off to a flying start.

There are 4 basic tools that are a must as you get started which will form the platform of your success and there are an abundance of people, blog articles you tube videos which will help you to get on track with these pointers.

1/A Blog Website.

There are several options out there but if you want to set up a blog I would highly recommend WordPress. Its easy to use and set up and it looks extremely professional. There are also many plug ins you can add to enhance the site. Again there is loads of information available on WordPress itself, YouTube and the internet generally on how to set up and use your new site

2/ Blogging

As a blogger, you link to various different company/product landing pages from within your website. This could be through a banner or a hypertext. You make £ or $’s every time somebody clicks on your banner or link, are taken to the landing page and ultimately buy a product. This is the simplest type of affiliate internet marketing since all you need to do is drive visitors to your site and bank on a proportion of people clicking on through.Content and structure are always the stumbling blocks and there are a number of videos on YouTube which will help whatever your level but in particular as a blogging beginner.

3/Social Media

Again in the world of online business set up in 2018, using social media is a must and will provide great results. Remember its all about driving traffic to your website and this does’nt just happen overnight. Using social media effectively can be daunting but again there are hundreds of articles and courses.

Have a look at Udemy as an example for the many inexpensive courses you can sign up for. Some of these will be available for $200 or $300 or more but never pay that. Create an account and wait for notification of the sales which happen every week to pick up a course on for example facebook marketing at $9.They are generally good quality with loads of videos and aids.


A great tool for creating your database of email addresses from people who want to follow your blog or who sign up to any offers you are running. The more traffic the more people will subscribe and the larger your database will grow. This in turn will fuel the interest in your products or services as your business grows. The commission earned depends on the quality of your blog article content, the number of people who visit your site and most importantly the number of click through s you get.. You only get paid if someone buys the product.

To conclude these are only the basic steps to get you started. If you become a member of a course run by a coaching professional like John Thornhill you will be taught in detail how to set all of this and a lot more besides correctly and you will hopefully never look back.

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