How many times have you bought a business opportunity off the internet or started something new whether it was a diet, a business a fitness regime or just something you wanted to try, only to give up a few short days later. I know I have. Its a simple fact of life that we start out with the best intentions but something always comes along to distract us.

So how do we get over this and move on to success. Well its about focus… You need to stay focused. If you look at people you have come across who really are successful, in my experience they are very focused and organised individuals. They are motivated when they get out of bed in the morning to commit time and effort to their success.

The subject of personal development is so vast and there are so many courses available off the internet, that I am not going to go into real deep detail in this article. People write entire books on the subject but I am going to give you a couple of pointers which have given me the drive and determination to get going on my quest to become an internet marketeer.

Before you read the rest of the article I thought it would be worth including the video below. In order to motivate myself I always think about what others who I consider less fortunate are going through and how many of them can achieve great things despite the difficulties they may have faced or are facing. I find this clip featuring Nick Vujicic truly inspirational and for me it puts the perspective back in life when I lose focus.

For me the cup is always half full and not half empty and for that I am extremely lucky. I know far too many people who get out of their scratcher in the morning feeling low, and their cup is always half empty. So you need a WHY, a purpose , a reason to get going. It may be that you feel overweight and want to be thin for your holiday, so a strict diet is called for. It could be that you hate your JOB and want something different. It might be that you are sick of not having enough money to do what you want to do in life. We all have our reasons.

Next you need to have an aim or goal to work towards. This might be measured in time as in I want to achieve this within the next 12 months. Or it may be measured in volume/quantity or it may be measured in material goods.

Finally you need to be able to work out a way to achieve your goals. In other words will you take a course in online marketing or find a mentor to show you what to do or would you apply your existing experience in a different way to achieve your new status.

Whatever it that you are looking for you need to write it down. It is always worth also writing down where you are to day so that you can compare it against where you want to be in say 12 months time. So often I have heard or read that once you have done all of this pin it up on the fridge or shaving mirror. I am not a great advocator of this and would suggest that you need to be comfortable with it whatever it is. For me I have written it all down to try and organise myself.

From my initial scribbling’s I was able to work on my time management which has always been for me half the battle. There are loads of FREE time management programs and software on the internet and I would recommend using them.

I always love to hear about what drives others and how you get motivated so if you have any helpful comments please let me know by including them below ….

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