I guess when people consider setting up an online business using the internet to market goods or services, they do so firstly with enthusiasm. This is rapidly followed by trepidation, then procrastination and finally paralysis.Why I hear you ask? So many people buy into a scheme and then once the instructions arrive put them in a drawer and never attempt to have a go.

We have probably all done it at some point. We have this great vision of starting a business that requires no effort and gives maximum return. It is called the laptop lifestyle. We dream of our daily commute taking around 60 seconds as we walk to our home office where we will sit for a brief hour tapping on the keyboard, and then hey presto, the money will come pouring into our pay pal or bank account. If only!!!

There is however one constant that we should bear in mind. We all look for inspiration and this can come in various forms. That said it does start with the dreaming as we consider the lifestyle (As described in Wikipedia) we have got and the one we would like.If we start with the why, we are all looking for a business which gives us more money than month and allows us to spend more time with our families or doing what we like doing best.

We need to examine our lives the way they are today in order to arrive at a point where we realise where we want to be tomorrow.We need to look at things like when we last had a holiday and had time to relax. When did we last travel for pleasure and not on some hectic, stressful business trip.Or have we had the chance to go to the kids sports day recently or were we too busy with the day job ton even consider taking a few hours off.

Now, here the big question. How happy are you working for somebody else in the corporate rat race; working with people who are so busy trying to climb up the greasy pole that they don’t mind standing on you to get there. All these things lead to a lifestyle choice.

I am not suggesting for one moment that you should throw caution to the wind and leave your job right now. What I am suggesting is that if you are not happy with your lot then it is up to you to change your circumstances. Many gurus will suggest that you write a detailed list of goals and then go through this list placing values and time lines on each one.

If this works for you then do it, however I suggest that you simply sit down with a pen and paper and list today’s lifestyle lows on one side and the lifestyle highs you would like to achieve on the other.Once you do this exercise you will quickly have your WHY? Following on from this , once you have found an internet business plan that works for you and ticks your boxes, it will be a lot easier to apply yourself, take action and stick with it.

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