How To Start Writing Blog Articles For Your Affiliate Marketing Business.

One of the biggest issues that I have found both from personal experience and from speaking to others is that when you start your blog it is easy to struggle to find stuff to write about. You tend to sit for ages trying to think up interesting topics and when you have managed that part you then struggle for content.

Other issues are how long it should be and where you can find links to add that are relevant. What key words you should include and how many etc. Its a right old minefield and it is not surprising that so many people fail in a very short time as they let this particular aspect of setting up their online business overwhelm them from the very start.

What you will find is that it is easier to write about something you have some knowledge about. Once you do this you will find it is not that difficult to write between 400 and 600 words on your chosen subject. In addition to that you will get into the habit of relating your topic back to the general theme of what you are involved in. For example simple stories can run parallel with motivation, goals, commitment and personal development giving you a nice and simple link.

Once you draw this parallel you will start thinking about images that help you to tell your story as well as links to videos and known reference points which again you can link to which illustrate your message.Ultimately your blog article is very similar in structure to any essay you may have written at school. Namely you will have an introduction. a main body. The main body can consist of a couple or alternatively several sub headings, and to round everything off you have a conclusion which relates to the point of your story in the first place.

Going back to the issue of topics, think about what has happened to you this week for example. Look at the experiences you have had and the stories you have heard from other people. These may be funny, sad, inspirational, irritating or frustrating. They can relate to peoples behaviour whether that be good or bad.

Lets look at a very simple example. You come out of a shop where you have been browsing for a new pair of trousers or a dress. You have’nt found what you want but you are determined to keep looking. As you walk down the street you are thinking about where to go next when you are passed by somebody who is staring intently at the screen of their mobile phone. Suddenly they walk into a lamp post and collapse in a heap on the ground and the contents of the bag they are carrying spills onto the ground.

Now, you may ask how do you make a blog article out of this? The blog post could relate to determination. You wont give up until you find the trousers or dress you want to buy. It can also relate to focus. Be aware of everything happening around you don’t just focus on the one thing and ignore everything else. (ie: don’t just stare at the screen of your phone as you walk down the street).

It may relate to helping an individual or a group of people set up an online business or get back on their feet after a run of bad luck as you see somebody help the poor mobile phone user by giving him/her a helping hand to get back up and a hand to put the scattered contents back in the bag.

Hopefully you can see my point with this small and relatively insignificant example. Life is about everyday occurrences and this approach will get you started. Everyday something happens, good or not so good in our lives. We experience these things first hand or we speak to somebody who does and then we retell the story. You will find that before long you will have got into the habit of writing blogs and have written several.

    4 replies to "How To Start Writing Blog Articles For Your Affiliate Marketing Business."

    • Jim Holt

      Blogging is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while but I wondered what to write. Like you say here, make your blog personal and share your insight. With so much copied content filling our browsers these days a original blog post is a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing.

      • nickroberts

        Hi Jim and thanks for your comment and glad you found it useful.

    • David Urwin

      Hi Nick, interesting post and you are not alone struggling to find content for blog subjects and articles.
      It’s true, there is a lot of duplicate content online.
      One experience I had when on another IM course was to write an ‘About Me’ page…just as we did for P2S on our blog. This particular platform had a tool that would check your content for originality and give your a red or green indicator to confirm or not if your content was original. It decided that my About Me page was not original content even though it was specifically about me, my experiences, work, life etc. I ran it through a few times but no change.
      The point being that these content checkers can not be totally reliable so there is some room for similarity without blatantly copying someone’s work!

      Good luck!

      • nickroberts

        Hi David
        Thanks for your comments. It would be great if we had some software that did it for us but alas not.
        I had a few issues with google adsense which were equally frustrating and no matter what you do to try
        to correct it the robots just don’t recognize what you are trying to do. That’s technology for you!!!
        Likewise good luck to you too.

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