I have been in the business of raising finance for property developers for several years now and during that time there have been several occasions when the market has slowed down and become stagnant as a result of some “natural disaster” or political event.

At times like this nobody wants to lend money and it is common for a high street lender to say that they are interested in funding a project and then they proceed to drag their feet for several months and eventually pull out or take so long to process the application that the developer either looses the deal or simply gives up and goes elsewhere. This is apathy at its best, or indeed its worst!!

Everything above was exactly the case in the last 5 months of 2019. Lots of verbal commitment and then nothing. Extremely frustrating for all concerned and the reasons given were….. yes that old chestnut….. Brexit and then of course the UK General Election!!

When you approach a task with a lack of drive and determination this usually leads to the whole project being coated in a layer of apathy and once this happens its hard to recover.

A lot of the time in my posts I bang on about taking action. The reason for this approach, and I have in the past been guilty of exactly this point, is that if you simply get by and don’t go the extra mile, then you will never see the results of anything positive you have done and this in turn will lead to you failing in a particular venture.

This is true in virtually anything you do whether it is going on a diet, starting a health regime or trying to set up an internet business. Every year millions of people try to start an online business only to fail a few days or weeks later as they cannot see their way past the maze of opportunities, courses and general information they find on the internet.

I have met or spoken to so many people who have decided to take action and buy a couple of courses all of which sound as if they can deliver the promised and often expected millions of dollars, only to discover the massive power of overwhelm. This is often because they have not chosen wisely.

So the question is how do you get past this?

Well its simple really. Try and draw a parallel with searching for somewhere to live. It does not matter whether you are buying or renting. You start by listing what you are trying to achieve. You then look in the area you want to live , you search online using a platform such as RightMove and then you make a shortlist of the definitive requirements such as how many bedrooms you want etc before arranging viewings.

And this is how you need to research setting up an online business. You need to consider what knowledge you have got if any. You then want to identify an area of internet marketing that interests you such as affiliate marketing or a specific product or niche. You then need to find somebody you feel can educate you and help you to learn and develop the skill set to get things up and running.

All this takes time to put together. It takes time to research and to find the right mentor as well as the niche for you and the educational means to establish your business.

SO, take the time and it will definitely pay dividends.

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Once again I would like to thank you for reading my blog which I hope you have found useful. Until next time……………

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