Before I go any further this post is not some sort of [political rant after a bitter and hard fought UK General Election. As is inevitable there will be winners and losers. Some people will get out of bed this morning to see the result that makes them truly happy whilst many others will be bitterly disappointed. One thing that is certain is that as a general consensus no matter what your politics there will now be a period of clarity………..until the next big issue raises its head.

The reason that I even mention this is because millions of people will have worried about their future and that of their families. It really doesn’t matter from which side of the political divide you come from or who you support. There is always something that makes you uncomfortable and as a result you look for an angle or a way of securing your position and this is true if you are working for yourself or somebody else.

One of the reasons I decided to be self-employed is that I wanted to be in control of my own destiny. This decision has led to moments where I have experienced feelings of great joy and achievement and fear and disappointment. I have been in the property and finance business for just over 30 years and in the last three years the ride has been anything other than consistent. In the last year in particular the uncertainty has led to apathy in the financial markets. Property prices have risen in some areas and gone down in others.

As a result of all of these issues I decided that I needed to discover and learn new skills that would enhance my ability to survive and thrive. This did not mean that I had to consider giving up everything I was good at and had worked so hard to achieve. What it meant to me was that I added another string to my bow. Something that was recession proof to a degree and would give me another stream of income to see me into my twilight years.

SO, have I found it? That Special thing?

In short, I think I have and its based on the affiliate marketing concept. I have found that there are millions of people and websites out there and so many of them claim to be able to make you rich, in some cases overnight by providing you with the magic bullet. The reality is that there is no magic bullet and that it takes hard work, determination and the ability to take action and follow a plan. However, the most important ingredient is to find someone you trust as a mentor. Somebody who has been there and done it. Somebody who has been very successful online and is willing to show you how to do it.

In my case that somebody is John Thornhill. John has offered a structured process for learning the tricks of the trade. He has been legitimately successful, and he is always on hand with his team to help you out.

So, I would urge you if you are thinking along similar lines about starting out on the road to setting up an online business, start doing some work towards it. Be systematic and spend a good period of time trawling the internet. Check out business options and have a good look at the people who provide them. As part of this make sure you look at John Thornhill and his Partnership to Success Programme. You could do a lot worse, trust me!!!!!

Finally, any feedback ion my posts are truly welcome and if you make a comment below I will do my best to get back to you. many thanks.

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