We all dream about having so much money in the bank that we will never have to worry about paying a bill again. We must all have bought our lottery ticket on at least one occasion with the genuine belief that somebody has to win the jackpot so why shouldn’t it be me?

Putting the lottery win to one side and any other form of luck, in the majority of cases people become a millionaire because they work hard to become one. So, with this in mind I am ready to get out of my bed every morning at 05.30 to start my day. Before I do get out of bed I lie there and daydream about what I am doing to move forward and how I can contribute to my goals this very day to take me a step closer. I have it all mapped out in my head

As I leap out of my scratcher and put my gym kit on before heading off to Pure Gym just around the corner. I normally get to the gym at around 05.50 and proceed to do my one hour workout whilst thinking for most of the time about making money. I have it all mapped out in my head and around 07.00 I arrive back home to get ready for the day.

There are always going to be other things that get in the way.

First there’s a dog to walk. Then a kitchen tidy up before going to my office in the garden. Before “going to work” I check with the better half (boss) to see what she is up to and what she needs done today. Low and behold there is a list of things that require my attention and so the first hour is spent on domestic/personal admin before I get to look at anything else.

Setting up an online Business can be a rewarding route

To becoming wealthier is to pursue my goal of setting up an online business and with that in mind and given my focus for achieving this I prepare to get into the next phase of developing my strategy. Unfortunately, the phone rings or my wife steps into my office or some minor crises arises and yet again I am distracted from doing what I really want to focus on and instead end up dealing with something completely different.

The long and short of it is that you really need to be disciplined.

So how have I approached this problem? First, I decided that I needed a business mentor. I really needed to gain the knowledge from somebody who knows what they are doing. This action also made me accountable to somebody. In other words, if I don’t deliver then I will look foolish and won’t achieve my goals. I found that this also gave me a structure and a plan to follow. I make sure that I give the business focused bursts of attention and work rather that letting it drift on for hours whilst I try to fit everything else around it. If you are in a meeting you can’t simply get up halfway through and explain that although you really don’t want to miss anything, you have not got the time to spare as you have something else to do. You see it through and then move on. Allocating time to the business is easy. Close everything else out for just one hour, turn off your phone and concentrate on the task at hand. If you really are going to make money online,

You will need to acquire new skills to help you get there. You will need to find a coach who gives you a proven plan to follow and you will need to set aside the time to follow the path. If you can develop the skill set and follow the plan/advice who knows, you may one day become a MILLIONAIRE!!

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