Its now the Monday morning after a very busy and emotional weekend. After 19 years of schooling for our three kids Saturday was the final day for our youngest son, of the final school term ever and what a day it was for a variety of reasons. It made me reflect on what I am now doing and indeed that last 10 years as well and it made me realise a few things.

Firstly it made me realise that life is full of chapters and that when one chapter ends a new one begins. So for all of these young men and women that have reached the ripe old age of 18 or 19 and their schooling has just finished. The next phase of their lives will be either to university to gain qualifications to help them on their chosen career path whilst others will launch themselves straight into their working lives. And others still will have no idea what they want to do with their life … and that’s ok too.

Secondly, it made me realise that life is full of good things and bad things and that you need to learn to cope with both. Only a few short weeks ago an old friend who had been very much a part of this journey over 17 years had a massive coronary at the age of 59 and died. He had given so much to so many and still had plenty to give. It made me realise that you never know what is round the corner so don’t waste time and hang about, just get on with it!!!

Thirdly, life is full of challenges, disappointments and triumphs. These are the things that mold you into the person you are. As I keep explaining to my kids, you will get out of life what you put in. In other words, success does not just land on your lap it is the culmination of hard work , training and learning. You will ultimately make some mistakes on your journey which you will hopefully learn from and this will enable you to do better next time.

So as you can imagine it was a day of mixed emotions. On one hand our son was leaving an environment he knows well and other kids who he has formed friendships with. He is leaving his comfort zone and will have to find a new one over the next few months. At the same time he is ready to leave and move on to the next phase of his life. For my wife and I, we are delighted not to be doing the school run every morning as we have done over the last 19 years. No more Saturday morning school. More time for ourselves not dictated by school holidays!

So what has all of this to do with running an online business I hear you ask? Well many of the lessons we pick up in the various chapters of our life can be applied to being an internet marketer or anything else for that matter. We need to learn how to apply the tools. We need to work hard not giving up at the first difficulty we encounter. Finally, there is no time like the present as you don’t know what is around the corner, so take action now.

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