For years I have dreamed of running my own home based business. When I first started investigating the various opportunities the average person did not have a laptop or a tablet. In fact it was worse than that , they didn’t even have a mobile phone. Now I really am showing my age.

In those early days it was all to do with mail order and any product (mainly information products) needed to be sent out by post. The best way we were told was to buy a mailing list from one of the many list brokers and this usually consisted of around 500 names which was almost affordable. Any more than this was a no no until you started making money. You would spend hours in a dark room placing sticky labels on envelopes and then stuffing said envelopes with sales letters. You then posted these in batches of 50 over several days and then……….. you waited in anticipation for the dozens of orders that would result from your endeavors.

And guess what? All this hard work would normally end in disappointment and you would then sit and wonder where it all went wrong.

Apart from anything else it was a numbers game, and much of the material you sold was of poor quality. The sales methods were fairly basic and I would guess the vast majority of people who tried to get started failed within the first month!! How things have changed. Everyone can now do business on their laptop, tablet or indeed mobile phone.

There are a vast array of tools and advice and courses and opportunities out there.The problem is that there is too much information and despite the good intentions of many internet marketeers and ‘online gurus’people still fail to get their new business venture off the ground.Its difficult to wade through the many different methods and to identify products that will actually sell let alone how to sell them.

But there are a couple of recurring themes which I have noticed everyone talks about.The main one is that if you are even going to stand a chance of success you need to start by taking action.

I finally decided to search for somebody who had become successful with this online marketing stuff and then to follow and sign up to any coaching courses that they may be running. Now of course there are several on offer but you need to do your homework which is what I did. As a result I came across John Thornhill and decided he was exactly the right guy to follow and learn from.

One of the first things he suggested was that I read the Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. Read it and I guarantee it will change the way you look at starting your online business. It will cost you only a few quid on Amazon but it is well worth it and the link I provide is not an affiliate link so I will not benefit if you click on it HERE. Instead it is my first attempt to help you on your way as John did with me. Enjoy!!

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