When starting out on your internet marketing journey you need to decide which will be the best route for you in helping you achieve your goals online. Will you venture into this unknown world on your own or will you find somebody to show you the way. To a degree this will be determined by your budget, but here are some pointers which will hopefully assist in your decision making process.

In the first instance you will need to decide what your budget is going to be. Prior to this you need to ask yourself what is your WHY? In other words , are you starting this business because you are bored in the evenings and have heard that internet marketing can help to make you a fortune. If its the latter then I suggest that you don’t go any further. This approach has the hallmark of failure written all over it.

If on the other hand you have decided that you hate working at your current day job, that you want to start getting involved in something that interests you and is completely different or that you would like to earn more money, create something to better your life and the lives of your family, and you are able to put in some time and effort to get your new business off the ground, then go for it!!!

Too many times I started to get involved in some internet marketing scheme only to struggle putting the basics together and ultimately when I discovered there was no support that particular scheme fell apart for me and it was back to the drawing board.

So in reality starting an online business is no different to starting a bricks and mortar physical presence business. You need to work out how much you have to spend, you need to put together your business plan and you then need to work out how you will achieve your goals.

I decided that for once I was going to do it properly. Over the years I have set up a number of business enterprises and the really successful ones were so because I did my research, I spoke to people in that business, I looked closely at available funds, I borrowed money if I needed to do so based on my business plan and ability to repay the loan and most importantly I sought out the skills, expertise and tools best suited to making the business a success.

So with all of this said, I decided to start an new online business and I having worked out my budget started seeking out a mentor/coach to show me and teach me how to do it properly. There are quite a few internet marketing self proclaimed gurus out there and in fairness the really good ones are very professional and will do what it says on the tin. The only problem is that you need to find them and a google search is a pretty good place to start.

I took some time, which was frustrating to find the right person for me. And what works for me may not work for you. But again it is no different to buying a business from a business broker. You would trawl all of the sites offering business ventures in the niche you want to buy into, you would short list them and then start viewing them. You would carry out your due diligence and look at any available accounting information. Finally you would make your selection and purchase that business.

I was lucky to come across John Thornhill. I had actually seen his material and various courses online over several years but always procrastinated until one day I made that leap of faith. I then started following his step by step coaching program and the rest is history. So try and find somebody you feel you can trust and relate to and it may just give you that kick you have been looking for to get you on the road to online internet marketing success.

I love to hear other peoples story so if you have a similar experience and can throw some suggestions into the pot please feel free to do so below….

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