I left school with a strong desire to travel having decided not to go to University. My first trip planned, I headed off to Sweden to work in a T-shirt printing factory. That was my first taste of the high cost of living. It was 1979 and a beer in Sweden was costing around £5 which was a lot more than at home.

The next trip I planned to take was a working holiday in Australia and once I had obtained my working visa off I went. This experience lasted for a couple of years and I worked on a farm, the land rigs as a drillers assistant and an encyclopedia salesman. In the latter I got to see a great deal of the country but I didn’t sell many encyclopedias!!! That said it was a great country and a great experience.

On returning to the UK I went back to college to get some more qualifications and a year after returning from Australia I joined the Army. I served for three years which was again a fabulous experience and where I managed to become a more focused and disciplined individual. When I left the Army I had a yearning to go into business for myself and so I started selling office equipment to business clients.

I found this quite difficult and started to realize that I lacked any type of formal training. I guess I got my first taste of how not to do something! Realizing that I was never going to get rich doing this I decided to get a JOB and eventually after several interviews generated by sending out scores of job applications I finally found something I wanted to do and started working for a commercial property agent selling pubs in Glasgow,(definitely not for the faint hearted). I loved this job and was actually not too bad at it. I learnt the business thoroughly and stayed in the property business for many years.

I soon realized that no matter how good you are , working for somebody else has its advantages but it also has its drawbacks.You put in a great deal of time and effort, working long hours to line the shareholders and senior directors pockets. But you are really only as good as the people above you. That may sound strange but you rely on those senior company members to train you and improve you, mentoring you with their experience and this in turn enables you to pass this knowledge on to the people below you.

When I finally realized that all they were interested in was lining their pockets and neglecting their customers it was time to move on. Finally in the mid 1990’s I set up my own business with the family and we went into the hotel market which I remained in until 2014 both as an operator and then landlord. I also ran my own property consultancy business alongside this.

Throughout this time I have always been interested in the internet and running my own online business. I have bought loads of different business schemes over the years (sound familiar?) and always been sorely disappointed. In the past 30 years technology has changed dramatically. When I left the army very few people had a laptop let alone a desktop computer. The internet was slow and many of the advertised home business opportunities were based on the snail mail/ mail order concept.

Time has moved on and so has this technology. There are an abundance of opportunities out there which are built around the online model.I decided that I could make more money from this Internet stuff if I learnt how to do it properly. No more buying something because the sales pitch was convincing only to discover that the seller is unable to teach even the basics to give you a fighting chance of success.

You need to have a ‘WHY’ to succeed and you also need somebody to show you how. My why is very simple and that is that I want to grow old and comfortable whilst helping my family to get on in life. I want to enjoy my time with my wife and our grandchildren whilst still being able to pay the bills. I want to be able to give something back and to add more value than what I receive in return.

So to get to where I want to get to I started following my mentor John Thornhill and he has given me the confidence and tools to achieve my goals. In turn I hope that I can pass on some of this knowledge to you so that you too may achieve what you want out of life.